The first manufacturer to take this initiative technical innovation! Defrost without heating!

Together with you, we care about our earth!LE MONDE series, the best display cabinets that will not raise earth temperature.

Superior Freshness Preserving Performance
Preserving the freshness of food displayed in the cabinets by means of the patented “New Refrigeration” technology. This new technology further improves the temperature stability of the cabinet, and meets Europe’s stricter standards for food refrigeration and freshness preservation. In addition, Highly Nakano adopts special large-size evaporators and cancels defrost heaters on the evaporators for most of the cabinets (except low temperature cabinets) and, by reducing the volume and lessening the use of anti-sweat heaters, successfully eliminates the problems of load increase, elevated in-case temperature etc., which are almost unavoidable in the past due to the overheating defect of the heaters. At the same time, we also make meticulous modifications in many invisible locations to ensure that Highly Nakano’s freshness preservation technology always stands in the forefront of the refrigeration industry of the world.

Environment-friendly Characteristics
The aim of an excellent technology is not only to provide service to human being, but should also show solicitude for the protection of the earth environment. Highly Nakano has incarnated this solicitude by its newly developed LE MONDE series products. The external parts of the cabinet adopt the recyclable aluminum material, and the service life of the cabinet itself exceeds 10 years. LE MONDE series refrigerating and freezing cabinets are not only characterized by their superior energy-saving and freshness preservation performance, but also very friendly to our earth environment. “LE MONDE”, lifestyles of health and sustainability, that’s what Highly Nakano has been devoting all its efforts to realize.

Human-oriented Designs
Highly Nakano sticks to the “Human-oriented” principle in designing of the new products. It is on this principle that we integrate more graceful arcs and curves into LE MONDE products and abandon the commonly adopted flat and straight structures. The arc design is the unique symbol of LE MONDE products, which not only allows the customers to reach the commodities much easier, but also makes the cabinet itself look more elegant and become more compatible with the latest style of store arrangement. The graceful arcs and curves shown everywhere in LE MONDE products will make your shopping activities more enjoyable.

Safety and Feeling at Ease
Safety and durability will make people feel at ease. LE MONDE products not only show their human-oriented considerations by graceful arc designs, but also pay great attention to the safety of products. By means of modifying lamp sockets, using new style fan guards, adopting stricter wiring method and other effective safety measures, we have successfully made LE MONDE products the high quality cabinets in conformity with China’s National Standards (GB). The adoption of easily cleanable rust-proof display plates is another feature of LE MONDE products, which ensures the cabinets to be safely operated even after 10-year’s incessant operation. This is the guarantee we promise with great confidence.

Care to human being and Love to earth environment
The technology of Nakano created the new future.

NAKANO’s technology, tart a new future.To protect earth resources, we use the recyclable aluminum material for exterior parts of the display cabinets.

A Variety of New Functions
New functions form an important part of LE MONDE products. Apart from the above mentioned merits, we also integrate into LE MONDE products many latest functions. We adopt special lighting methods to ensure uniform in-case illumination and to display the food in their natural colors, use high quality digital thermostats to realize precise temperature control, and install particular shelves to highlight certain commodities and facilitate their arrangements. All these modifications and elegant designs will create a best environment for the customers to enjoy their everyday shopping activities and the store employees to happily pass their business hours.

LE MONDE cabinets, which integrate themselves with human-oriented designs, earth-friendly considerations as well as lots of latest functions, will certainly be renowned as Highly Nakano’s masterpiece products.