Multi-compressor Condensing Units
Highly Nakano develops parallelly connected multi-compressor condensing units to meet the needs of ever-growing large-scale supermarkets. These units not only greatly raise the compressors’ working efficiency, but also reduce their power consumption by about 20% (in comparison with Highly Nakano’s uni-compressor condensing units with the same refrigerating capacity).

Uni-compressor Condensing Units
Semi-hermetic compressors of excellent safety and durability are adopted to ensure good reliability, high efficiency and long service life.
Specially designed damping structure is adopted to minimize operation noise and vibration.
Switchbox is equipped with under-voltage, over-voltage and lack-phase protectors in its power protecting system to ensure safe operation of the compressors.

Condensers with Special Low-noise Motors
Specially designed motors and fan blades enable the condensers to run with a noise much lower than that of ordinary ones.
Heat-exchangers of the condenser are dust-proof and equipped with high-efficiency ripple fins to enhance the heat-exchanging efficiency and condensing capacity.
Two types (H-type & V-type) of condensers are designed to adapt different compressor capacities and meet different field mounting conditions. V-type condensers are characterized by their compactness and easy-to-install features, which allow them to be installed either on a wall or on the housetop, and either singly or in groups to suit the actual conditions. 
Fan operation is controlled by pressure switches which start and stop the fans following the variation of pressure so as to save energy.