DC Fan Motor

Fan Guard

DC Fan Motor
DC fan motors characterized by high reliability and energy-sav- ing effect can save 49% of electric power in comparison with capacitive fan motors. Special fan guards are adopted to ensure safety.

Night Cover for Multi-deck Showcase (Aluminium Plated Textile)

Night Cover for Island Showcase (Aluminium Plated Textile)

Night Covers
Various types of night covers are available for your selection.

Arc Glasses
Arc glasses mounted on the upper part of a multi-deck show- case not only produce a better visual effect than that of flat glasses, but also add a sense of gradation to the displayed commodities and eliminate all visual empty points.

Spot Lights
Spot lights are mounted on the case top to eliminate need of in-case lamps, with an effect of decreasing in-case heat load, reducing harmful influence of heat radiation on the displayed commodities and cutting down energy consumption.

Black In-case Coating
Black in-case coating is adopted to set off the original color of the displayed commodities, making the bright-colored ones look more brilliant.

Spray System for Reviving Rooms
In order to provide the picked but still surviving fruit and vege- tables a most suitable storage environment, the reviving room must meet the stringent temperature and moisture require- ments. Highly Nakano adopts the special double-flow pneu- matic spray system for its reviving rooms so as to make them full of atomized water which allows the leaf vegetables to remain as fresh as being planted in the field for about eight hours (the duration may be a little varied in different seasons). People need simply store the picked vegetables in such rooms for one night to allow them to revive and restore to their fresh and juicy status.

HFC Refrigerant
HFC refrigerant R404A is available, which is chlorine-free and will not do harm to the ozone layer.