“LE MONDE” series does not warm the earth.

It is to say how you wrestle for a global environment to be the most

important for us who live in the 21st century.

We Nakano imagined a future living. Therefore,

we developed a new line of products of the future correspondence type.

It is the “LE MONDE” series.

LE MONDE is a short term for “Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability”,

it is to promote the lifestyle that regarded "human health" as "a global environment",

and emphasizes on environment protection and healthy lifestyles of human being.

With this concept, LE MONDE puts the priority on using recyclable

raw materials such as aluminum.

The products are characterized by energy-saving performance,

humanized arc appearance and over 10 years’ service life.

These functions and designs reflect great care of

Highly Nakano for human being and deep love to the earth.

“LE MONDE” products have taken into consideration every detail to create a colorful

tomorrow for our customers and given out a best answer to the future.